Reasons for Creating Floral Arrangements in Office Lobby

Office lobbies make an impression on the clients and employees that work in the building. Therefore, it is important that you make sure the interior design for the lobby is done properly and the lobby is cleaned and organised every day so that it gives a good impression.

It takes only a few seconds to provide a first impression. In addition to having a good spatial layout and interior design, you need to think about how the lobby is decorated. A decorative element that always gives a fresh and bright look to a space is flowers. There are rental companies that rent out flowers for offices Melbourne. This will be cost-effective as well. You need to make sure that the lobby space gives a positive impression and helps to lift the mood of the employees and the customers who are walking through. This is the first time clients are meeting your brand and you need to think carefully about what you want them to see.

The lobby is also a place that is heavily frequented. The lobby sometimes works as a waiting room. If you have scheduled a meeting with business partners, clients etc. they will be seated here until such time they move into the conference room of the building. There is not much to focus on when you are waiting as opposed to being focused on the speakers and the presentation in a meeting. So the eyes of the clients will invariably fall on the room. They will consider the décor of the room and how it has been designed. Anything that is out of place or if there is disorganisation, will be immediately noticed. By placing flowers in the lobby, you are creating a focal point for the customer’s view. And it also shows that you care about the visitors to the premises as you have decorated in order to create interest and a refreshing change of view for them. It also signifies that the company pays attention to details.

Flowers always have a positive impact on a person’s mood. The impact of flowers on emotion and people’s psyche has been researched as well. And when you try your best to create positive and joyous emotions in the visitors, they will be more inclined to view your business in a better light and therefore be more willing to collaborate with you. And not only visitors, flowers will also improve the mood of your employees. Flowers and greenery are used in many office spaces to increase productivity and boost positivity. There is a positive energy that flowers bring to a space and it can help improve the stress levels of the employees. And happy employees are productive employees. There are direct and indirect strategies for retaining employees. The main strategies include creating a safe workplace and providing them with benefits and other compensation. And there are indirect subtle influences such as the ambience of the working environment. People like working in fresh and welcoming environments as opposed to gloomy and dour spaces.

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