Purchasing a Used Water-Pump – 7 Things to Consider

On the hunt for a second-hand water pump? All the points discussed would help you snag the right one.

Pump Type

What will the device be used for? There are thousands of options on the market. Pumps are available specifically for fire trucks as well as water bowsers. But there are options made for the home too.

Depending on the use of the pump, it might have to handle a lot of chemicals. That’s why it would have been made specifically for the task; it’d be resistant.


You know the pump is old. But how old is it? The previous owner may have kept it in pristine condition which is why you can’t tell that you’re looking at something that’s almost a decade old. Pick the most trusted seller so that you get someone who won’t lie.

As you can imagine, the older the part is, the more likely that it’d have problems. There may be a lot of wear and tear that you can’t see.


Let’s talk about the condition of the unit again. Get a flashlight and carefully inspect its insides. You’d know if there’s anything you should be worried about.

How strong the exterior of the pump is would tell you if it’s in a good condition or not. If it’s weak when gripped, it could break when dealing with high water pressure.


No one wants to spend more than they should. As you’re buying the pump second-hand, you’d be able to snag it for much less than newer counterparts. But as mentioned, someone may try and lie to you about its age – you’d be paying much more than you should.


Whether you’re going to be buying new or used, purchase a product from a brand that’s reputed. If the company is very famous, you’ll also easily be able to get help if the item gets damaged. When it comes to pumps for the agriculture industry, everyone knows what stalker pumps are.


Test the device’s flow rate and maximum head. Get the seller to let you test the pump out. You’d have a proper idea of what you’ll be buying.

Return Policy

No matter how well you test the device, you won’t know how good it is until you use it in everyday activity. After a week of use, you may be faced with a couple of issues – the person you bought from should offer a return policy. If there are multiple sellers like this, go with whoever has coverage for the longest period.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying second-hand water pumps, there are enough and more things to keep in mind. They would ensure that you get a product that works well and does what’s promised. From the points discussed, the most important would be to test the device. You’d have a proper idea of what you’d be bringing back home. You can make the purchase safer by working with a seller that offers a return policy too.

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