Pointers to Give Your SUV The Care It Deserves!

SUVs are built to stand the test of time and survive all kinds of terrains, regardless of how rough and rugged they may be! However, these awesome rides become worthless piles of metal over-time if the proper care and attention is not given for its needs.

The pointers provided below will help you take the best care of your beloved ride and keeping looking its best for years to come, and add those extra miles to it.

Use quality gas

Gas is one aspect of car care you just cannot cheap out with. It is true that gas is quite expensive and you will have to set aside a substantial amount for it every month, especially if you drive around a lot. However, feeding your automobile inferior quality gas will have negative impacts on it in the long-run, deteriorating its performance and reducing its fuel efficiency. Do not hesitate to invest in better quality, more reputable gas because this can make the gas actually last longer (contrary to popular misconceptions about SUV fuel efficiency).

Compatible spare parts

As a vehicle owner, you must make sure the parts you use to replace the original components are of equal quality and compatible with the rest of the vehicular components. Looking for the right part in the market can be a challenging task, especially if you do not know what to look for.

This is where you must get the consultation of a mechanic you trust to get an idea about what you need to look for, and how you can know for sure that they are genuine parts. If you are looking for Ford Territory ball joints, don’t just buy it from the first shop you see. Walk around a little, browse the web to see of the item is available in online stores (which are relatively cheaper) and make an informed buying decision.

Keep the AC running

A problem encountered by most SUV users is their ACs giving out in the summer season when they need it the most. The reason for this is the AC being turned all throughout the cold winter season, which basically puts the system to a permanent state of sleep, as its components become non-functional over-time. The solution for this is to turn the AC on during the cold season every now and then, not for a prolonged duration, but at least for 10 minutes every week, so that it will stay in shape to do well during the summer.

Change oils in a timely manner

Timely changing of oil is essential to ensure that the internal components of your ride remain in top shape over the years without getting worn out due to excess friction. Consult your mechanic regarding when you should change oil in your vehicle. For most automobiles, the recommended oil changes fall once every 5000 or 10,000 miles and either way, make sure you don’t skip any and keep it regular as much as possible so that the integrity of your SUV will stay in line with its level of usage.

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