Planning Your College Life: Dos and Don’ts

Starting your college life is a huge step and a rewarding one if you make all the right choices. However, graduating from high school and stepping in to the real world as an adult can often be overwhelming. Even though you have an excellent support system and encouraging parents, you will have to make some of your decisions related to your college life alone and that will make you feel stressed and confused.

With the massive number of options available for high school graduates, choosing the right path can often be more difficult than one thinks. Whether you have thought everything through or not, knowing the fundamentals about planning your college life will always be an advantage and this brief guide will tell you what you need to know about starting your college experience.

Choosing your major

With all the drastic changes in the world economy, you can find hundreds of professions that can guarantee a safe future for a college graduate. The world is moving towards a virtual business model where you can work remotely on online platforms and make a great living! This, however, can make things a lot more complicated for you when you are trying to choose a major.

First and foremost, you need to take time and understand what you really like and passionate about. If you choose a major or a field that you are not passionate about, you will regret your decisions for a very long time. When you are planning your college life, make sure to choose a university that offers you what you like and choose the field that can actually make you happy in the long run. Most professors and academics advise talking to counsellors and coordinators in advance to figure out what you want to do when you graduate.

Choosing the college

As mentioned, you will find heaps of good universities that offer the subjects and courses that you like and frankly, choosing one can be overwhelming. Instead of focusing only on the university rankings, you should always consider all other facilities. Unlike your high school, college life will offer you much more than just education.

It will motivate you, strengthen and prepare you for the future and that is why you should look in to all facilities. Since you will most likely be living on campus, you need to choose the facilities accordingly. For instance, UQ college accommodation with a gym will be a great fit because it will help you blow off some steam as well as stay healthy during your time in college.


College debt and finances have always been a rising problem among graduates but you can avoid all that if you make the smart decisions. Make sure to talk to the colleges and ask about their scholarship programs. Moreover, talk to your parents and see what they think about your decisions once you have identified your majors and chosen a university. Figuring out the finances before you start your university life will definitely make things much simpler in the long run!

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