Perfect Self-Care Gifts for Men

When talking about self-care for women, we could think about all those aromatherapy oils, herbal face masks, comfy robes and fuzzy slippers. Although these products are also pampering for men and there are some who wouldn’t mind using it, there are others who would really prefer self-care products that are specifically made for men. Self-care and pampering are for everyone. No matter what type of guy your man is, he would surely appreciate a thoughtful self-care present.

Here are some of the best items you could give if you’re looking for great self-care and pampering gift ideas.

Face and Body Care Kit

If you’re looking for the most versatile present, why not try assembling a face and body care kit for him? Fill it in with all the essential products he loves to use – from body soap, scrub, moisturizing balm, facial wash, shaving cream and many more. He would definitely appreciate a practical present he could use every day.

Comfy PJ Set

For a busy man who needs to get better rest and sleep especially at night, a comfy mens pyjama set is one of the best self-care gifts you could gift him. Choose fabrics that are soft and comfortable such as flannel and supima cotton for a more relaxed sleep. There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from but if you want something versatile, you could go for neutral colours such as black or grey. You can be sure that he’ll wake up the next day feeling more energized and refreshed after getting a comfy sleep with his new pyjamas.

Tea Bag Sampler

If he’s the type who loves to relax over a cup of tea, why not indulge him with his preference? Giving him a box of his favourite tea will surely bring a smile to his face. However, you could also give him a variety of options by gifting him a tea bag sampler instead. With this, he doesn’t need to stick to just one flavour – he could try a different one with every cup. Choose a tea box with a lot of varied flavours – from Earl Grey to Japanese Sencha to make it more exciting.

Coffee Shop Subscription

For the coffee lover, giving him his favourite drink is a simple way to make him feel cared for. However, you can upgrade it into a regular basis by gifting him a subscription on his favourite coffee shop. He’ll get to enjoy his favourite caffeinated drink every day for free, perfect to kick start his day. Just like tea, you could also opt for assorted flavours for one who loves trying out new flavours per drink.

Massage Device

If you hear him complaining about body aches and pain due to work, exercise, or his daily activities, a portable massage device is just the right gift for him. He could take it anywhere and use it conveniently to ease muscle pain and soreness.

Even if men are hard to shop for, they surely love feeling pampered too that’s why self-care gifts will always be appreciated no matter what occasion it is.

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