New Apartment Projects in Australia

Are you on the lookout for brand new apartments to purchase and move in straight away? It is a lot of work doing research and learning about each of the options that are available currently. However, what you need to keep in mind that taking your time and paying loads of attention to every detail as you are on the lookout, is extremely crucial. In other words, you cannot do things hastily when you are looking for a property to make it your home.

Take Things Step by Step

Doing research on your options involves a step by step process. The first thing you would want to do is get on the web and start looking for names of properties, and perhaps, list them all down. You can then look each of them up and get detailed insight so you could take things further from there. Here’s a quick guide (or list rather) on off the plan apartments around Australia that should simplify things for you.


Newly built, gorgeous apartments have been built in Melbourne, Carnegie, and South Yarra, and are all ready to be toured around by those interested in buying. In Melbourne, you will find six new projects: Conservatory Melbourne, West Side Place, Paragon, 360 Melbourne, Cowper, and Melbourne Grand.

Meanwhile, Laila Residencies, Glen Iris, 1060 Carnegie, Adorno Residencies, and Mercuri Carnegie are the newest residences that are now available at Carnegie for residents to move.  At South Yarra, you could look up the names ESQUE, 42 48 Claremont Street, 661 Chapel Street, Capitol Grand, and 91 Alexandra to find exquisite residences that could be your new home.

New South Wales

The Greens is one of the coolest new apartments that many are checking out at Inner West. On the other hand, if you are looking at Eastern Suburbs, there is The Waterfront, the Aristocrat, and Orchid which are incredibly intriguing, too.


West End has got a couple of fabulous properties such as Montague Market and Residences, West Village, and London Residences while Chester and Ella and Dwell are two great options you would find at Newstead. At South Brisbane, you will find Brisbane 1, an amazing property, while at Inner City, your best options would be 443 Queen Street, Panorama (Bowen Hills), Montague Markets, West Village, Argyle, Baxter Street, Sierra Nuvo, Maison and Oxlade. At Gold Coast, you’ve got Maya and 31 Broadbeach which you may want to check out, soon!

Western Australia

In Perth Greater Region, you find a couple of interesting options like One Kennedy, Vantage, Arthouse, and Verdant, While at East Perth you find Queens Riverside – another gorgeous Property at the East.

South Australia

If you are looking to go south, your options available currently would be 217 East and Belvedere on Park, which is located in Adelaide, and are both equally amazing residential apartments. 


In Canberra-greater region, you will find Embark as one of the coolest options which is fully complete and ready to welcome residents.

All of the above are newly completed apartments around Australia which you may want to look upon the internet for a start and seek more insight to see which one fits your requirements, best.

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