Must-Have Equipment for Small Farms

Running and maintaining a farm efficiently requires a lot of equipment to help make every operation smoother and more efficient. If you have a large-scale farm, you’ll need big equipment too in order to accommodate more demands on the farm.

However, for smaller farms, you don’t need that much heavy equipment in order to do all the daily tasks at hand. There are just a few essential equipments that you need to have to meet your farm’s needs. Here is the basic must-have equipment for small farms.

Pickup Truck

This is probably one of the most basic equipment you’ll need in almost every business. Whether you’re moving around your produce, feed, building supplies, or basically just anything, a good pickup truck helps you do the job faster and more conveniently. You can also hitch a trailer if you need to haul heavier loads.

Mini Loader

Mini loaders are one of the most versatile equipment you could have on your farm. You can use this to get, move or dump almost anything – from the soil, rocks, manure, and a lot more. Aside from helping you load things easily; you can also place attachments on this equipment for different purposes such as an earth auger or an aerator. When buying a mini loader, be sure to get only from trusted suppliers such as this one from Auger Drive to be assured of quality and durability.

Utility Vehicle

Having a utility vehicle makes it a lot easier to move around your farmland, especially when you’re carrying around many tools and equipment for your farm tasks. You can also attach a trailer if you need to carry more items where your pickup truck can’t go. Utility vehicles are designed to go even on rugged lands where other vehicles can’t reach. Mostly you can get all the tasks done with a utility vehicle if your farm is 60 acres or less.

Utility Tractor

If your farm goes over 160 acres, then you’ll need to add a compact utility tractor aside from a utility vehicle. The utility vehicle helps you move around your farm quickly. However, for bigger jobs that require heavy lifting, a compact utility tractor is what you’ll need. There are plenty of tasks you can do efficiently with the use of this equipment depending on the implement that you attach such as an aerator, mower, scraper, rear blade, and many more.

Post Hole Digger

Digging posts is such a common task on a farm. Whether you’re planning to build an enclosure for your livestock and poultry, or need to keep pests out of your crops, you’ll be digging so many posts for this kind of project. An earth auger helps a lot in making this task faster and easier than manual digging. You can also choose between a handheld or a loader auger.

Those were just the must-have heavy equipment for your small farm. Having this basic equipment in your farm definitely increases the efficiency of your farm management, thus, boosting its productivity as well.

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