Hygiene and Sanitary Products Necessary for Every Workplace

Maintaining the right health habits at the workplace is one of the easiest ways to ensure employee health.  Being healthy at the workplace is not only ensuring the safety of employees from workplace injury or accident. It is also practicing small health habits. These may sound simple and insignificant but as we all learnt from last year, sometimes these small habits can help us in the long run. Take a look at the tips below to see how you can enhance the office health and hygiene.

Trash Cans

This one may sound a bit obvious but if you do not have enough trash cans around your work place this can result in even more sanitary problems. If you don’t want your trash cans overflowing and spreading more germs, it is necessary place trash cans wherever they are needed.

Just placing one can for the entire floor to use will not fulfil the need to maintain hygiene standards.  In places like cafeterias, you can add a couple of extra cans and divide them according to purpose – biodegradable, paper, and plastic. This will make things easier when the trash is being disposed.

Air Purifier

Good ventilation and clean air inside are a great way to minimise the circulation of disease-causing pathogens. It is necessary to have good air to breath indoors or especially since a workplace has a lot of people breathing the same air. Air purifiers help to clean the air, stop bad odours and maintain breathable air indoors.  The purified air circulation also helps to rid the inside air of germs, dust and allergens.  To have even better results, get an air quality monitor.

Door Mats

Door mats can prevent the people from bringing mud, dust and dirt into the office. Especially when you have a busy office, – where both employees and customers walk through the door or when there are rains or storms outside, a lot of germs can enter the workplace with dirty shoes. Make sure to place a door mat at the entrance so people can wipe their shoes before entering. You can also have sanitising door mats at the entrance. These became heavily popular with the spread of the pandemic as they sanitise your shoes when you enter a public place.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitizers have now become an essential part in or daily lives. The necessity to sanitise your hands before eating or touching your place is something that was stressed over and over with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can have sanitiser stations or hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers installed at various places in your office such as near the elevator or near the doors where the crowds tend to gather. Check out the hygiene product collection at one stop hygiene to see what kind of sanitising products suit the best for your office.

Practicing hygiene practices should not be limited to times like a pandemic. Prevention is always better than cure so normalize these practices around the workplace for better health and hygiene results.

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