How to Make Profit from Artworks

In this modern world run by companies and businessmen, the field of arts has been looked down by many, if not all, for not being able to generate income and money for the artist. Although this is true in some respect, the idea that if one pursues a calling in the name of the arts, they are in many cases met by discouraging looks by friends and family members. In this world where money actually runs the world, it is easy to be looked-down upon if the calling that one is trying to pursue is one that has small income.

This perception is actually quite practical because a man has to live and a man has to eat, although passion and calling is also important it pays to have a meal on the table especially if one has a growing family or a bread-winner of a family. The pressure actually grows heavier when tough times are at bay and the artist cannot even pay the bills with his art, and it is very sad.

But one thing has changed in the current years is that the artist can now freely monetize his works and he can now profit from his handwork. Through the help of modern technology an artist can now also become publicly known by utilizing some platforms that can help him showcase his talents and put it to good use.

Here are some ways that an artist can sell his masterpiece:


One of the best ways to learn is to teach, or so they say but it is actually very applicable to artists who wants to profit from their work. One best thing that they can do it to teach. Yes! They can actually try to teach through online events, webinars, or other means such as workshops.

By teaching others, the artistic techniques of the master artist they6 are actually not only improving the skills of other artists but they are also gaining disciplines through the artistic techniques that they teach. And the best part of it all is that they are actually paid a hefty amount for these art workshops.

Online Gallery

Artist can now post their works on online platforms such as galleries and music platforms. An example of this is Marise Maas artwork, where the artist has placed all the available pieces in an online platform and now people can browse through the site, like a gallery and can even order artworks from the artist themselves.

Also, another way is through content aggregators where artists can show-off their pieces although the downside of such is that the art piece are often stolen by others and some are taken as other people’s work even if it’s not. For singers and other artist, they can actually try to do streaming to profit from their skills and talents.

Private Commissions

One of the oldest tricks in the book of having to profit from one’s artwork is through work commissions. This is the hustling part of being an artist. Commission works like contract projects where artist is paid a certain amount of money for a specific number of days or specific artwork to be done on a site. For example, a mural on a school wall, or a digital self-portrait. It actually makes good money if the artist is a professional when it comes to the outcome of his work.

All in all, the word has taken a turn for the better, gone were the days where artists are looked down because of earning less, now artists can live with dignity and pride because of their work and passion.

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