How to Live with Chronic Back Pain

For people who are suffering from chronic back pain, they could testify on how debilitating it could be. It’s excruciating to continue with daily activities and there are times when the pain jolts them awake even if they are already slumbering. There are numerous reasons why a person’s back is hurting. It could be because of an injury or a sickness. Whatever the cause is, the only thought of someone with chronic back pain is immediate relief from the agony.

There are numerous at home remedies one could try to remedy the pain. Some of the methods might not work, but you only need to find one that is effective for you.


Stretching might not be the ideal recommendation for people with back pain because of an injury because this might only make the situation worse. But for those with bad posture or scoliosis, stretching might be able to provide relief. There are exercises and stretches that could help loosen tight muscles because of scoliosis. Do your research first before you try these stretches and start slow. You would not want to end up hurt and in more pain than you originally started.

Lead an active lifestyle

Your weight could also be a factor in your back pain. If you watch what you eat and you maintain the weight that is ideal for your height, there would be lesser stress and pressure in your spine.

Take over the counter pain reliever

If the pain has become unbearable, taking over the counter pain reliever is fine as long as the anti-inflammatory drug would not react with any other medications that you have been taking. If you also have a serious pre-existing condition, taking pain relievers might not be ideal. If you are suffering from serious back pain, but you could not take any pain medication, try other treatments. For back pain treatment Geelong has various specialists that could look after you.

Make ergonomic changes

One of the reasons why we suffer from back pain is because of our posture and the way we work. Make some changes with your work station so you would not have to slouch when you type on your keyboard or you don’t have to bow your head when you need to look at the computer screen.

Invest in ergonomic tools you could use while working such as an orthopaedic seat, foot rest, laptop riser, inflating back rest, mouse pad/wrist rest, etc. When you make ergonomic changes, focus on four areas, your head and neck, the position of your hand and wrist, support for your back and your seating posture and your attitude while working (I.e., how often you take breaks to walk around or stretch after several hours of just sitting down).

Of course, you must try and see your doctor when the pain becomes unbearable or when you suddenly felt numb in your legs and you had difficulty standing up or walking because the back pain might be because of a nerve problem. The above mentioned are just means for you to try so you could try and lead a normal life even if you have chronic back pain.

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