The idea of starting a business can be very exciting but there should be a proper plan on how to execute it. Jumping into a business with no vision can be disastrous. Although it may seem daunting, persistence and working hard towards your goal will bring you rewards.


First of all, decide on what kind of business you are planning to start. You might already have one, usually the reason to start the business stems from this idea. Do research on markets that are already carrying out the business related to the service or product you are trying to put forward.

Doing as much research as possible is very important, starting a business requires homework and studying to be done, look into how the product or service is doing in the market, what kind of modifications you can bring to it, how you can make it more approachable and different.

Talk to other businessmen, these people have already experience in this field and can provide valuable advice and able to share their experience. Having a clear goal and idea helps you work towards it

Create a business plan

Jumping right into everything because you have an idea is not a good thing to do, first you need to make a plan for the business, how you are going to start the business, what’s the purpose of starting this business, who are your target customers, how are you going to reach the target customers, what’s your idea of persuading them, how you are going to get the finances for your business, the location to put up your business.


This is the most important thing when it comes to business, most start-ups go down because they run out of capital before they can create profits, therefore when it comes to business you need to keep your finances strong so you can carry out your business smoothly. You would need offices in Melbourne, business cards, the necessary equipment – all these have to be considered. It’s not a bad idea to overestimate the capital you might need.

Decide how you are going to fund the business are you going to seek the bank or are you going to borrow money from someone.

How to decide how much money you need

One way to estimate how much money you need is to perform a break-even analysis; the formula is fixed cost/ (average price-variable cost) gives the break-even point. This would inform how much performance your business should carry out in order not to lose money.

Avoid overspending

When starting a business, you would think you need all the fancy gadget to make the business to look more appealing although this might seem necessary spending on these fancy things are expenses that need to be cut down so you don’t waste money.

Choosing the right bank

Choose a bank that would work with you based on your business character and model. Unlike big banks who are very selective when it comes to loaning to start-ups, some banks aim at creating good relationships with you and are willing to help you out too. So, look for these types of banks.

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