How Do You Become an Auto-Mechanic?

If you’ve always had a passion for cars, working as an auto mechanic would be a good choice. It’s not a conventional career, which is why you might not know how to go down it. Don’t worry, our article would help.

Pick the Right Subjects

Be mindful of the subjects you’re doing in high school. Some may fit a career as an auto-mechanic better than others. Physics would be a superb subject to do. Maths would be perfect too.

If you’re planning on joining a competitive trade school, acing the above subjects would improve your chances of getting in.

Your school may let you take vocational classes during the last few years. Go for it. This would look good on your resume.

Finish High-School

You don’t need trade school to become a mechanic – it would just help. With experience alone, you would be able to excel. This is why you might think that a high-school diploma wouldn’t be needed. There probably are thousands of others who want to work in the field too. The majority of them would have completed their high-school diplomas, so you wouldn’t be able to compete.

Vocational Course

Once school is done, you can take some time off to focus on developing your skills. Take a look at the vocational education centers near you. Join programs that teach you about automobiles. Not only would you be refining your craft, but you would be obtaining a qualification that would help with your career.

Instead of enrolling in a vocational course, you could join a fully-fledged trade school. It would be university for being a mechanic. Don’t fret, the program wouldn’t last for long. The longest it would take is probably a year.


A vocational course would help. However, it would mostly cover a lot of theory. Instead of studying most of the time, you could take things up a notch and get an automotive apprenticeship. You would be getting your hands dirty in the field.

You’d be working with experts, so your skills would drastically improve. Moreover, you would get paid while being trained. An idea of what employers would be interested in would be learned as well.


To work as a pro in an auto-shop, you would need to be licensed. The licenses your state requires would differ from others. With a little digging online, you’d find all the certificates that you’d need to pass.

Working on different sections of vehicles would require different licenses. A good example would be the brakes.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, being an auto-mechanic doesn’t require a lot of work. If you’re dedicated, you’d easily be able to get qualified enough. To help yourself, complete your high school diploma. Many think you don’t need it to work in an auto-shop, but it would help you join a prestigious apprenticeship or trade school. Vocational courses would also help.

Once you’ve trained for a while, you’ll need to get licensed. Dealing with vehicles is no joke. You could do something that would damage someone’s brakes. Most countries require that you get licensed. Hopefully, your state doesn’t make you sit for exams that are especially extensive or hard.

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