Gifts to get Your Six-Year-Old Nephew

You might be his fun uncle or aunt but when it comes to gifts, you could be as lost as you ever could. Picking out gifts for kids can be quite difficult. You don’t know what six-year-olds like nowadays, what toys are safe, what clothes fit them, what toys the parents have given permission for etc. If his birthday is coming up real soon, here are some great gift ideas for you.

A bicycle

It’s hard getting kids outdoors nowadays. So, gift them a bicycle that will encourage them to leave the iPad, step outside and get some physical exercise. Even you can join him for a quick ride every evening at the park or while walking the dog. If they have a big backyard, he can ride it at home too. Riding a bicycle will provide physical fitness while also developing coordination, balance and concentration. Make sure to provide security gear as well; knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and a teeth protector if needed.

A book

A book is always a good option. You just have to take into account the recommended reading age and if we also know the literary preferences of the honouree, even better. But with a book you never fail. It strengthens his reading and comprehension skills, will improve his vocabulary, will promote imagination and also prompt better academic performance.

You can gift a variety of books such as stories, informative books, encyclopedias, picture dictionaries etc. If you his interests, try getting related books. For example, if he likes birds you can get him a book on endangered birds of the world.

Building blocks

Lego, magnetic blocks, magnetic balls and other building toys are great for young kids who like to bring their imagination to life. Your nephew will always be building and inventing new situations. It is incredible the constructions that can be made. Playing with building blocks has multiple benefits; it helps promote creativity, imagination and concentration. You can encourage him to build something new every day; such as bridges, sky scrapers, houses, roadways etc. Appreciate his creations as that will motivate him to do better.

School supplies

He will be entering into first grade that year and so gift him school supplies. His parents will anyway have to buy him school supplies so you can contribute too. It will be one less item for them to purchase. Gift him either a Ben10 school bag, a tinyme lunch box, a Harry Potter water bottle or coloured pens. You can even put together a whole gift pack that will be useful in school that includes books, stationery, play dough and other items.

Board games

Board games are fun and will let him spend a good time with friends and family. These types of games teach children to understand, respect and follow rules, and to especially tolerate frustration when lost. It also teaches patience as they wait their turn and would know to finish something that was started. Also, the achievements made reinforce their self-esteem in addition to promoting interaction and social development.

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