Fun Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Being a giant coffee lover, you do not simply love your coffee, but you are also supposed to know a little more than the basics about your awesome beverage, especially when there is a large history behind it!

Here are some facts you may findquite fascinating.

When the Goat ate Coffee…

It is believed that goats became the reason why coffee was born. They say that a bunch of farmers in Ethiopia happened to notice that goats became a little too active after eating the ‘Coffea’ plant. When a local monk made a drink out of the plant and drank it, he realized it kept him awake through the night. It is believed that this is how the whole idea of the beverage started.

Coffee Beans Are Not Exactly Beans

What is known as coffee beans are actually pits of berries that certainly look very much like beans. Their resemblance to legumes is what made people call them beans.

Brazil Produces the Most Coffee

According to the latest of updates, Brazil is the top producer of coffee in the world, and Vietnam takes the second place.Serious coffee lovers go on the lookout for authentic Brazilian coffee, and even more specific types such as Brazilian single origin coffee for their own good reasons!

Expresso: What Does it Mean?

‘Expresso’ in Italian, means ‘pressed out’. This word somehow seemed aptin describing the act of forcing boiling water out of ground coffee.Hence, the name expresso – a bitter, high caffeine coffee drink that is quite addictive, and that which most just could not survive without!

Decaf Does Not Mean Caffeine Free

Most who choose decaf are not fully aware that their drink is not really caffeine free, not 100% at least. Your cup of decaf still does contain some caffeine, a little probably, which certainly is no harm. However, it is important to know that your cup of decaf is not completely caffeine free.

Black Coffee for Calorie Concerns

Plain Black coffee is just what you need if you are watching out for calories. Take it plain with absolutely no added ingredients – sugar or creamers, and you would be totally guilt free as you indulge in aromatic goodness in a cup!

Drinking Coffee Does Not Dehydrate You!

Those who are not in your coffee club may have told you that coffee is dehydrating. However, this is not really the case. Coffee does not dehydrate you. It might send you on a few trips to the loo, but it certainly does not dehydrate you!

Cream to Your Coffee

In case you did not know, adding a little cream to your coffee will make your coffee stay warm for longer. It surely sounds weird, but it is what the experts say, and you might as well try it if you are not a black coffee-only person.

A Cup of Joe: What Does it Mean?

According to many sources, the actual origin of the famous coffee phrase – ‘a cup of Joe’ –is linked to the US navy, it is more widely believed that it rose from the idea that coffee is a universal beverage, and that it can be simply enjoyed by anyone – even an average person.

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