Fun Activities You Can Do During Winter

Winter days are dark and cold and in most cases what everyone wants to do is huddle up and keep ourselves warm.  Instead of doing this take the most out of the winter by enjoying the season. You can have lots of fun outside and inside. All you need to do is dress up appropriately so you don’t get frost bite and try out the activities listed below

Build a snowman

It is a fun activity to do with your family, with your friends or just by yourself.  To make it more interesting you can have a competition with your friends to see who builds a beautiful snowman.

Play with the snow

Snowball fights are interesting. This game is sure to bring lots of laughter. You have people aiming at you with different sizes of snowball and you in return can also throwback snowballs of big size.

Go skiing with your friends

Skiing is so much fun with friends. You can get together with your friends and go on a ski trip. Create a group chat with your friends and throw in this idea, discuss the budget with your friends. Decide on which resort you will be visiting this depends on how skilful all you are at skiing.

Some resorts provide large beginner area that would be good for beginners, but if your skiing skills are really good you can go to resorts that are appropriate for you. Do some research before you get any gear. Consider reliable stores like Skin Ski & Surf.

Go ice fishing

Ice fishing is another fun activity you can do with your friends. Take your portable seat and go fishing and make dinner from the fish you have caught. For this you would need tools like ice auger, skimmer and gaff hook

Going on a snowshoe hike

Even if it’s your first, it is easy to learn to walk with snowshoes. You have to get the correct size of shoes so you can walk easily. You can use these shoes to just go on a leisure walk or to explore nature or on a snowshoe hike. It is a very healthy and low impact activity and individuals of any age can enjoy this.

Tubing or sledding

Sledding down a mountain is very exciting and one of the activities you can try during the winter. All you have to do is to find a snowy hill and enjoy your ride down.

Take a bath in the hot spring

Having a bath in hot water spring when the weather outside is cold is so relaxing and comforting. Go online and find hot water spring nearby and take a trip there with your family or friends and enjoy soaking in the warm water. Taking a bath in hot water spring not only is relaxing but also improves blood circulation.

Have a bonfire

When it’s dark and cold outside it would be nice to create a bonfire and camp out with your family or friends.

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