Factors to Consider in Giving Gift for the Bereaved

Death is constant but even though it is it always caught us by surprise. The names of the people who used to be a part of our lives suddenly is not anymore, and the names that we used to utter are now spoken in hushed voice, almost apologetic that it has to been spoken. Such is the depth and weight of death in a person’s life.

And for those who are left behind are also left with the question of, how should they move on? And the sad thing is the answer lies only with them and not from anyone else. And for us standing in the sidelines we are given a special responsibility of taking acre of the bereaved, helping them cope with what they are bearing through gestures, gifts, and words of comfort. In giving gifts to the bereaved, you can consider these factors in thinking what to give to them.

Sentimental Value

Give a gist that has an emotional weight not only for the bereaved but also to the dearly departed. You can give something of sentimental value to them. It could be a photo album or something that can be closely associated with the dearly departed.

You can offer gifts that will soften their pain and give a new light of hope to the darkness that they are feeling inside. You can honour your loved ones with ashes jewellery or anything that could remind them of the person who has a great impact on their life.


You can also offer a gift of utility for them. You can actually ask them of the basic needs that they require so that you can offer a more helpful and useful item to them. In the event of a death of a loved one, the most basic utilities and needs are the first things that are actually neglected by the person.

They no longer want to cook, to bathe, and some cannot move around the house to clean, this is due to the extreme weight of the emotion that they are bearing that they are paralysed and cannot do anything for themselves alone, thus it helps to give them gifts such as cleaning package certificate, or free laundry certificate for their laundry needs. Though it may sound small, but it truly helps the person.


In terms of giving them gifts for the sake of comfort you can give those pillows or blankets that they can use so that they can still sleep soundly at night even if they feel the pain of losing someone. By giving them gifts for comfort you are actually helping them towards the road for healing and moving on, though it may sound too early to state it but yes, they need to be able to move from the pain in order to carry on with their lives. Giving them items for well-being helps heal the pain slowly and it helps the person accept the death of their loved ones.

Note that there may be no gift that can actually say or measure up to the grief and sympathy that you want to show to the person, we nevertheless we give it anyway to show that we do even in the littlest of things we can show our sympathy to them.

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