Different Types of Tile Cutter

If you’re the type who loves doing DIY home projects, then you’ll need to have your own set of basic tools and equipment to do those projects well. A tile cutter is one of the essential power tools you should have in your tool kit. Although you could rent one for your tiling job, it would be great to have your own tile cutter especially when you’re planning to do a lot tiling job later on.

A tile cutter is a lot different from other cutting tools. Instead of making a cut directly, the blade scores the tile to help you make the cuts on it. There are different types of tile cutter and they differ on the type of tile that they could cut. If you’re looking for one to use in your tiling project, here are the 4 types and how to use them.

·         Manual Tile Cutter

As its name suggests, this tile cutter doesn’t need electricity to work. You need to apply force on it to gradually score the tile surface and cut it. A manual tile cutter consists of a cutting wheel, rails, and a separator. To cut the tile, you should follow the cutting line to create a straight and perfectly cut tile.

This tool needs much practice and steady hands as well, making it more suitable to be used by professionals or experienced tillers. However, it is very handy and lightweight which makes it convenient to carry around on the jobsite. If you’re looking for a good manual tile cutter for sale, check out this collection of quality tools.

·         Wet Tile Cutter

This type of cutter is powered by electricity. It has a very powerful blade since it can cut through almost any type of tile. When you’re cutting a tile using this type of cutter, it will be submerged under water to prevent the blade and tile from overheating.

This system helps preserve the quality of its blade. A wet tile cutter is one of the most popular and easy to use cutters making it perfect for first-time users. You can use it to create angled or any straight-line cuts on a tile. However, it creates a lot of noise while cutting and could take a longer time compared to manual cutters.

·         Tile Grinder

If you’re looking for the most versatile tile cutter for your tiling project, a tile grinder is a perfect option. You can use this tool to cut straight and even complex angles on a tile, whether it is a thick or thin tile. Aside from simply cutting tiles, you can also use this tool to polish, grind, trim, and sharpen any parts of the tile. Although it sounds really versatile and useful, one needs practice and experience in order to use this tile cutting tool the right way.

There are different kinds of tile cutters available in the market. You just need to determine how you’re going to use it to find the right cutter that suits your tiling needs.

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