Different Components of a Pump

A broad variety of processes and systems include the use of pumps for their service in different industries. They could also be used in industrial and residential applications. A wide range of high-pressure pumps are available in various sizes, styles and features.

Pumps play a major role in the manufacturing process and are essential for smooth functioning. Purchasing an effective high-efficiency pump, therefore, often involves a detailed understanding of its components, so that one can purchase a pump that is ideally suited to their needs.

Brief Description of Important Pump Descriptions


This can be described as a shield, a covering or a framing that covers and houses most of the parts. In pumps, the housing is essentially used to seal it to avoid leakage and sometimes to maintain pressure. It is often used to help some of the main components, such as shafts, bearings, etc.


The impeller is a spinning part of a centrifugal pump that is fitted with valves or blades that turn and transfer the liquid in the pump. These valves or blades are attached to a shaft. When the propeller rotates, it transforms the energy generated from the source, i.e. the engine, to cause the flow of the fluid.

Impellers are an essential component of the pump, as they generate momentum to the fluid through their blades/vanes. Impeller designs are known to be a crucial factor in evaluating the performance of the pump.

There are two types of throttle: the axial flow throttle and the radial flow throttle. The fluid travels axially to the shaft in the axial impeller. The fluid travels perpendicularly to the shaft in the radial flow impeller. Axial propellers are commonly used for greater and also very low-pressure systems, whereas radial propellers are mostly used in multi-stage split-case centrifugal pumps. Impellers are also known as closed and open impellers.

There is only one shroud in the open impeller and the valves are visible on the other side. A closed impeller, also referred to as a double sealed impeller, has a cover on both sides of the valves. Open impellers are usually used mostly for single-stage, centrifugal end suction pumps, while double enclosed impellers are used for side or top enclosed multistage centrifugal pumps. Industrial pump parts in Sydney and all-around Australia can be found in most hardware or dedicated stores.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals can be used on the shafts of the centrifugal pumps and the screw pumps, where the inlet shafts have to leave the pressure space. It comprises 2 exceptionally smooth surfaces that are usually held along with springs or pump pressure.

They can be comparatively straightforward devices, but are usually highly designed to suit a particular requirement and can become especially complex. Prepared seal support systems are also required to cool, clean and isolate the fluid in and around the seal. Mechanical seals and seal plans are classified into four major categories: single, double, quench and gas seals.


The bearing is a factor that helps minimize friction on moving sections of the pump. It allows the wheel to rotate effortlessly. They are widely used in pumps of all sorts, such as, reciprocating, centrifugal or rotary pumps.

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