Common Hand Tools for Daily Use

Hand tools are essential for any workshop and there are so many different tools based on what your requirements are. You also need to select quality hand tools to ensure they last a long time. A poor quality hand tool can affect the quality of the piece you are working on.

When you take one hand tool category such as a hammer, there are so many different variations within it. You have to understand the purpose you are using it for. You should select the right hammer for the job. When selecting a hammer, you have to consider the material of the handle. It should be made out of durable material such as fibreglass or strong wood such as ash. While steel handles are durable, they have a drawback of transferring the power of the hammer blow to your hand and you will feel the vibrations in your arm. It will not be comfortable to work with.

There are also different sizes of hammers available; smaller hammers are best if you are looking for complete control in the execution but for activities where you need a lot of force, a larger hammer is best. There are claw hammers that have a two pronged claw on the back that allows you to remove nails. Ball peen hammers have a round head and a flat head and it is commonly used in metal working. A sledgehammer is generally used for demolition. There are also speciality hammers that are designed for specific uses such as roofing or even working with chocolate.

There are many online sites that provide industrial tool supplies and you will be able to speak to the customer representatives if you are finding it difficult to choose between two hand tools. When you are choosing a screwdriver, you need to think about the usage when selecting the material for the handle. You will find handles in wood, metal, rubber and plastic. There should be a strong connection between the shank and the handle of the screwdriver. The blade of the screwdriver will determine its usage and you will come across different blades such as hexagon, square, flat head etc. Pliers are made of two metal parts that act as a lever. There are pliers for general use and also specific uses.

They can be used to crimp, cut, remove nails and you will be able to find some adjustable pliers as well. There are different types of wrenches you will come across such as combination, open end and adjustable wrenches. A combination wrench will have a box end and an open end. An open end wrench is a common type that is used often. It can be used to grip a nut or bot from both sides. There is a moveable jaw for adjustable wrenches where the jaw can be changed as per the requirement. There are box end wrenches that can hold the bolt or the nut fully encompassing 360 degrees. You should also think about protective wear when you are using hand tools and one such thing that will help are a good pair of gloves that will fit you well. But you also need to think about the ergonomics of the tool to minimize the risk of injuries.

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