CCTV Cameras and Their Function

Today, there are several types of CCTV security cameras that can be installed at your home or office. Moreover, some of them are even specially designed to fitted into places that are not so visible to the naked eye, making it all the more beneficial for the occupants of the building. This article sheds some light on the various functions of the security cameras that are used in the present day. From shar picture to being able to withstand the outside elements, there are a lot of functions. Without further ado let us get right into it.


Of course, one of the most obvious functions of the security camera of today is that it will be able to record. However, the way in which that data is stored is different to the cameras of yesteryear. Back then, people would need to use VHS tapes to record the footage. However, today, the footage can be saved digitally in a hard disk and can be deleted whenever you want to. Moreover, there is also the option of deleting all the footage recorded automatically after a week has gone by so that there would be space for the next week to be recorded.

Clear Picture

Gone are the days when security cameras would produce pixelated images. Today, you will be able to see a picture quality that is in high definition, making it possible for you to make out who the person and what the person looks like. Of course, there are instances where it is not that clear due to the weather and other lighting effects. However, one can easily say that the quality of the picture produced is clearly visible to any person regardless of the lighting, outside weather conditions, and time of day.


Another major development in the security cameras of today is the fact that they can be switched on even in the most difficult of areas. In other words, they can now record crystal clear picture even in the darkest of nights. This is because many cameras now come with night vision pre-installed.

The best part is that you do not have to manually turn it on, as these cameras have sensors to make sure that the mode is switched on at the correct moment. This makes operating the cameras all the easier for the occupant of the building. Of course, you could find out more about their adaptability if you do a quick online search.


One of the more notable changes in the modern-day security camera is the fact that they can be put in places that would make them experience the full force of the elements. Yes, they are now weatherproof. Whether it is scorching hot in the summer, or raining cats and dogs, you would not have to worry about any malfunction, since the cameras are made to withstand all those weather effects.

Overall, the CCTV cameras of today have undergone major changes and developments to make sure that the customers get the best out of them.

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