Best Places to Hang Pendant Lights

Lighting is an essential part of your home décor. It plays a huge role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your home on both interior and exterior parts. There are plenty of lighting fixtures you could choose from that would match your home’s décor theme. Whether you want a classy, rustic, or any style, there is absolutely a light fixture that would suit it perfectly.

Pendant lights are just one of the most popular lighting fixtures used on both residential and commercial spaces. They are versatile and looks great on almost any space. Whether you want to set it as an accent or just regular use light, pendant lights are surely the best option you have.

Here are some of the best places where you could hang pendant lights and enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Kitchen Island

Whether you’re using it to prepare the ingredients for cooking or a small gathering spot for coffee, it is important to keep the kitchen island well-lit just like the other areas in your kitchen. Pendant lights add some extra aesthetic to your kitchen island.

It makes the kitchen island the focal point of the whole décor, making your kitchen look more appealing. Choose a pendant light that suits the current décor of your kitchen for a harmonious style. For quality and stylish pendant lights Australia has one company that has everything you need.

Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity needs good lighting to help you see yourself a lot better when preparing for the day. Make your bathroom vanity look more elegant by hanging a couple of pendant lights on top of it. Be sure to choose a light colour that is well balanced with the rest of the light in the bathroom. You could even add other subtle light sources like sconces.

Home Entryway

Whether your home is big or small, an entryway is one of the most common features of all houses. It is where you pass through when going out and the area that welcomes you back when you are home. Chandeliers are a bit expensive and don’t suit small entryways well since it makes the area look too crowded. However, you could still add some style into your home’s entryway by hanging a row of pendant lights to light your path while you pass through the door. Be sure to hang them in just the right height that they don’t touch you while you pass through.

Above Dining Table

Hanging pendant lights over your dining table adds an elegant touch to your dining room as well as create an eye-catching focal point in your dining room décor. Choose a pendant light that has soft light or has a light diffuser so it doesn’t feel harsh on the eyes while you’re enjoying a hearty meal with family or friends.

Try hanging pendant lights on these areas in your home and be amazed on how it transforms your home décor instantly when you turn the lights on.

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