Best Colorants for Resin Art

When creating resin art, you have two options – clear or coloured. Although clear resin looks best on projects with many inclusions, adding a bit of colour into it would make it look livelier and more vibrant. Colouring resin requires the right materials though since not all colorants work well with this material. If you’re still starting out, finding the right colorant for your craft could be challenging. Here are some of the best colorants that work perfectly with your resin art.

Epoxy Dye

Since resin art is becoming popular these days, companies have developed specific supplies to match that craft. One of those is the epoxy dye. It is specially developed for the purpose of using it to colour epoxy resin. It holds well and doesn’t bleed out after applying, making it perfect for every artwork.

Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink is another colorant that works perfectly with resin. With only a few drops of ink into your resin, you can get rich and vibrant colours in one go. Alcohol ink also creates interesting patterns on resin, making your artwork look more stylish than plain. However, even if it looks beautiful, one downside of alcohol ink is its low light resistance. It fades through time when regularly exposed to sunlight.

Airbrush Paint

Another good colorant for resin is airbrush paint. It lasts long on resin and looks great in creating patterns in it. When choosing an airbrush paint for your resin art, be sure to look for products that have high paint concentration in it for best quality designs.

Colour Pigments

Colour pigments are the most popular resin colorant in powdered form. Colour pigment powder for resin can either be natural or synthetic depending on how they are produced. Soils and minerals are 2 of the most commonly used ingredients for natural colour pigments while synthetic ones are made from chemicals. Natural colour pigments aren’t as popular as synthetic ones these days since most of the sources for them are already depleted.

Some are also considered harmful to the health because of its heavy metal compounds. This made synthetically made colour pigments more popular and easier to find in the market. When buying colour pigments, be sure to buy quality ones from reputable companies to be assured of safety while using it. Your patterns would also last long and look vibrant always when you use high quality colour pigments for your project.

Glitter and Glowing Pigments

Although these two don’t actually colour the resin directly, they could add an extra appeal to your artwork. Glitters make your resin art look sparkling especially when it is hit by the light, adding a wow-effect on every piece. Glowing pigments also make your resin art glow in the dark or shine under black light after it has been charged by UV light.

Choosing the right colorant for your resin art is essential to create beautiful artworks that have intricately detailed patterns and prints. Try them now and see which one suits your preferences best.

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