Benefits of Hiring A Private Jet

If you ask which is better, flying commercial or flying private, of course the answer would be flying private which is far more luxurious. Unlike flying in a commercial flight, flying private gives you a number of added benefits. You can always make your own decision about the flight schedule, the airport and even the crew and experience many advantages.

Here are a few of those most exciting benefits you are bound to get if you go for chartering a private jet.

Determining your own route

Private jets give you the freedom to fly whenever you want to, to wherever you want. It does not set destinations, and instead it takes you to your choice. Even if you have already taken off, you can still alter the flight and change course by just speaking to the pilot which would be impossible in the case of commercial flights. Further, unlike commercial airports, private jet airports are so much more in number, giving you the freedom to land in so many different places.

Saves time

If you are a person traveling on a regular basis for business, you would surely want to get to your destination on time. Flying privately of course would be the fastest way to travel to your destination since each route can be methodically planned for your requirements from the ground transportation until in-flight services without frustrating layovers. Furthermore, instead of driving hours to reach an airport, you can always hop on at a nearby regional airport and onboard your flight.

Amenities for sleeping

If you are a travel person, probably sleeping on an aircraft is not always a nice experience. With all the noise around, with an upright and stiff posture and an uncaring passenger who doesn’t care about others, you might detest the prospect of sleeping. However, all of this would change if you go for private jet hire. Not only would you have the ability to rest in comfy seats, but you can even get a fully equipped bed arranged for yourself on board and you are sure to get a good sleep.

High service level

When you hear first class, you would obviously imagine the most extravagant business class service on a commercial flight, but only on that plane! A private jet would offer you an experience over first class where you get to enjoy luxury furnishings, ample space, best seating arrangements, flexibility and individual attention which cannot be matched with any commercial flight. What’s more? You can even receive custom catering and high-quality services with an unparalleled level of privacy.

Carry more luggage

There’s nothing more distressing than having to choose what to carry and what to leave when you have limited luggage allowance when flying. However, in a private jet, you always get a generous luggage allowance, and whether you need to carry extra clothing, equipment or even bring back some of your favourite items, there is always so much space. What is more, you could always access them whenever needed right from your seat during the entire flight.

So, for those of you who need to fly around the world for your needs frequently and travel in style, then these benefits would definitely help you out.

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