Lawn bowling is an easy to learn game but there is a lot of concentration required to play it. A lawn bowl is not exactly round so they have a curved movement. This is a game that has been played for a very long time. It has its origins in the 12th century.

Lawn bowling is a game that was popular in Europe for much of history and it gained a lot of popularity in England. This doesn’t require a lot of physical strength so anyone can play it and you don’t need to worry about tiring out. It was a pleasant way of relaxing and it was played by many people during times of war as it can be a great way to relax without getting down and dirty. Currently, there are more than fifty countries that participate in international competitions for this sport. It can be quite easy to first get into the game and you will not need much in the way of equipment also. However, the little equipment that you do need is very essential to the game. Lawn bowls come in a set of four. They are not perfectly round so when they are rolled, they move in a curved path. There is a small white ball that is rolled to one side of the field and this is the target for the players. It is called the jack.

To know accurately which player’s ball is closest to the jack, a measuring tape will be used. This will ensure that an honest game is played and the winner is chosen correctly. There will be scorecards used by the bowling clubs but they will come in different layouts according to the club. It is something to define the club as well. The general information that any scorecard will have, regardless of the club are the teams that are playing and a running score. Lawn bowling only has one simple objective which is getting your bowl closest to the jack. And the complexity of the game comes from the shape of the bowls as they will not travel in a straight line. So you have to think carefully about the path it will take and make tactful movements that will get you closest to the target.

The bowling green is a flat square that is divided into rinks or playing areas. There are six rinks on the bowling green and the first bowler will be decided by the coin toss. This is the player that will roll the jack to the other side of the green. It should travel a minimum length of 23m. After the bowl rolls to a rest, it will be placed at the centre of the bowling green allowing the second player to start. After all the bowls have been in play, the team or the player that got their bowls closest to the jack than the other team or player will get a point. Once the bowls are delivered, the direction of the play will be turned the other way around. You can have this game played by one, two, three or four people. The captain of the team will play last and will direct the shots of the game.

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