Basic Supplies Needed in Resin Art

Resin art is a great hobby one could easily learn. Aside from being a good way to pass time, you also get to create beautiful artworks with this craft – from simple coasters, wall decorations, jewelleries, and more intricate ones.

Before getting started with resin art, you’ll need to have the basic supplies first to start creating beautiful crafts. Here are the essential items you’ll need.

Resin and Hardener

First of all, resin is the main product you’ll need for every project. It is a strong and durable material once it dries out. If you’re using resin for art, you’ll need a 2-part system that needs to be mixed in order to create resin artworks – resin and the hardener. The resin serves as the base while the hardener creates the smooth look of cured resin. You’ll need the right ratio of resin and hardener to achieve a perfect solution.


The base is where you’re going to pour your resin solution when making a project. It could be a mould or a surface that you want to coat with resin. There are plenty of resin art moulds to choose from with varying shapes, sizes, and styles. When pouring resin on a surface, it is best to use wood as the base since it perfectly holds into cured resin.


Regular resin is a clear and colourless solution. However, there are times when you’d want to add some colours into your project to make it look more interesting. Resin pigments comes in 2 forms – powder and liquid. It’s all up to you on which type you prefer to use.

Decorative Items

There are plenty of ways to make your resin artworks look more beautiful. Aside from adding colours into it, you could also put some decorations in it depending on the theme you want to achieve. The options you have for decorative items are limitless – from glitters, shells, dried flowers, and many more. Keep in mind that every decoration you want to add should be dry so it would look perfect inside the dried resin. It is all up to you on how you want to decorate your resin creations.

Other Tools

You’ll need a few tools when making resin art. Aside from the resin moulds, you’ll also need measuring cups to get the right amount of resin and hardener. You’ll also need mixing cups to mix resin with pigments. You’ll also need a mixing tool to perfectly blend resin and hardener or even resin solution and pigments. For newbies, there are resin art kits that has all the basic supplies and tools you need to get started with this craft. It is a convenient choice plus it has all the things you need when making your first resin project.

Once you have all these essential supplies needed, you can now start practicing your skills in making resin artworks. There are plenty of online workshops that would surely help you get started in this new craft.

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