All You Need to Know about Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is an excellent way of having your memories displayed. It is an original way to hang photos or paintings as the texture of the canvas can give a very unique feeling. Even a family photo can be done up as an artwork on the canvas.

A canvas print is an image that is printed onto a canvas. It can be a painting or a photo. After the canvas is printed from an inkjet printer, it will be stretched onto a frame. Inkjet printers use dye based inks while giclee canvas printing uses pigment based inks. This is an important distinction as you can get a sharper detail and resolution with the latter. You have the option of frameless prints and framed canvas prints. You can find both canvas prints and framed canvas prints in the market. Framed prints can add a bit more to the interior design as it is another decorative element. You can have it complement the colour scheme of the room or have a contrasting colour for dramatic effect. However, with a simple frame, you can focus the viewer’s attention on the artwork or photo itself. It all depends on your intention. Frameless canvas prints can have a versatility that the frames lack as they have a more flexible usage.

The normal gallery wrapping method is used for frameless prints. Canvas is made out of hemp which is a very durable material. Nowadays, more and more materials are made out of cotton and linen. Cotton can be of higher quality but polyester can be a more affordable option. The intensity of the colour on cotton and polyester may vary. This is because cotton absorbs the colour and the cloth fibre can be saturated with it while on a polyester fabric, the colour remains on top. This makes the colours of the polyester prints more vivid. But cotton is more long lasting than polyester.

Canvas prints can give a unique depth of colour which brings in an interesting decorative element for any interior. A canvas print would be a great idea for someone who enjoys art from the great artists of the world. You can have a painting of an artist reproduced onto the canvas and hang it in your home where you can admire it every day. While printing on paper is what most people are used to, there are certain advantages of canvas prints as they don’t give out glare or reflect sunlight. This allows for no distraction when viewing the art. Also, the texture that a canvas has is impossible to replicate in any other material. Canvas can be incredibly durable as it is not prone to fading or warping. You need to select photos carefully when picking them for a canvas print. The photo quality has to be quite high to ensure a good print. You can either go for a single canvas or multiple panels. A single canvas can become a statement piece for a small space. But if you have a larger spatial volume, multiple panels can create a beautiful layout that brings harmony to the space.

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