All About Becoming a Land Surveyor

To have a brighter future, you need to complete a college degree,so you can land a job that you like. There are many courses you can take up in college. However, make sure to choose one that is closest to your heart. It can be architecture, commerce, engineering, interior design, medicine, nursing or spatial science. The latter may sound new to your ears.

It’s a course that you can get if you want to become a surveyor someday. Land surveying is the science of taking big measurements. Almost every civil engineering projects starts with a land survey and a land surveyor is the person responsible for it. If you want to become one, here are some details about it.

What is a Land Surveyor’s Job?

A land survey can help people buy land as well as assist in construction projects. If you decide to buy a home or office building, you will need to hire a land surveyor so you’ll know whether the land you want to buy is prone to flood or not, and whether it’s good or bad. Also, the land surveyor will tell you if the seller’s deed shows the accurate property size.

Requirements for a Surveyor

Some of the requirements for a surveyor are – have keen interest in technology, able to work neatly and precisely, have excellent written and verbal skills, good at Mathematics, have strong attention to details, and so on. If you want to become a land surveyor someday know that you’d do a lot of engineering survey.


To become a successful land surveyor, you have to finish a college degree in geospatial science, geographical information systems, spatial science or surveying at a college or university. Typically, you have to get your senior secondary certificate of education. Some of the prerequisite subjects you need to take up are mathematics and physics. Colleges and universities have different prerequisite requirements so check with them to be sure.

Tasks of a Surveyor

The tasks of a surveyor are many. If you wish to work as a surveyor later, understand that you’d have to make property titles, generate charts, files and maps, gather survey data,decipher codes and laws,measure the size and shape of a land area, prepare site plans, do research, and many more.


A surveyor can work as an engineering surveyor, geodetic surveyor, hydrographic surveyor, land surveyor, mine surveyor or topographic surveyor. Know what you want to specialize and be very good at it.

Employment Opportunities

Once you’ve completed a college degree in the above courses, you may start applying in different construction firms, engineering companies, and mining, to name some. Registered surveyors may work for bigger firm as they have bigger area for specialization. Good news is, surveying is now easier with the help of the latest technological advancements, such as electronic-distance and remote-sensing machines.

Reasons to Become a Land Surveyor

There are many reasons to become a land surveyor – you can work outdoors, deal with the latest technologies, contribute to your community, protect the environment, etc.

Help individuals with their land purchases by becoming a land surveyor.

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