Advantages of Using Pallet Rack Systems

Today’s warehouse must be able to keep up with the rapidly growing retail industry, with an emphasis on fast order processing and instant delivery. Pallet rack systems are automated and effective, with systems that allow the best use of space while protecting products from defects.  With them, you can even keep all of your goods under one roof if you need to, to make them more effective.

5 Benefits of Pallet Rack Systems

They can make better use of available storage capacity

With them, you can go upward

If you’re trying to keep everything within your stock in one warehouse, it can be challenging to make the most effective use of increasingly cramped floor space. One way to do this is to “go vertically.” Store more merchandise with less floor space and reduce both product turnaround and delivery time. They increase the storage density¬†and efficiency

Drive-in rack systems allow users to make space more effective by:

  • Enabling you to store your products more tightly
  • Enabling trucks to join the rack systems more quickly to retrieve or position pallets of goods
  • Space saver rails allow you to customize storage rack more effectively, with fewer aisles required for entry.

You’re going to have less defective product (and shelves)

Today’s pallet rack solutions use heavy-duty, slanted back support structures to drive systems that are several pallet places deep and several floors wide. This avoids harm to the goods.

In addition, rack systems are much more robust than previous models and can withstand the effect of lift trucks.

You can configure your racks with a number of systems

These shelves are robust and use various pallet racking approaches. These include rack drive, selective rack, push-back rack and carton flow rack configurations, depending on your individual needs.

They make order processing a lot more productive

Customized packaging and storage systems allow you to make far more productive use of your inventory storage, which results in faster customer orders.

Modules easily pick and store products. Goods are not refilled by forklifts; instead, conveyor belts in wide central aisles bring goods in and out for shipping and storage. Storage and packaging systems work closely to transfer products smoothly through the whole process. Product is moved in, stored, removed from stock and delivered to customers in a single seamless operation. This means that when the time comes to ship, there is no delay, no downtime, no quest for a specific piece of merchandise.

Addition and Scaling is easy

Your pallet rack system solutions will grow with you as your company and inventory expands. Start at one tier and add more resources than you need.

With versatility of paramount importance, pallet rack systems allow you to spend just whatever you need at any particular time, with the option to extend to current storage as you need without having to fully restructure. For instance, you can start with a single tiered support structure, but make a second, third, and fourth rack as you need to with limited or no interruption.

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