A Step-By-Step Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning

A construction or renovation project always leaves a huge mess after all the work is done. Apart from sending back used tools and equipment, cleaning up the huge debris left is the first step for post-construction cleaning.

This step is one of the easiest to achieve since it does not require special tools and skills to do so. However, any construction project produces a lot of dust that settles on the walls, floors, and all the other things that can be found in your home. This dust can linger for a long time in corners when not cleaned properly and can cause health issues when inhaled for a longer time.

After finishing a construction project, you need to do a thorough post construction cleaning to remove all the dirt on-site. If you’re not sure how to do it, here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to go through a post-construction cleaning.

Wipe Everything Down

Dust from construction can settle on almost every surface near the site. It is one of the taxing parts of post-construction cleaning because you’ll need to wipe down all the surfaces – from walls, floor, table and cabinet tops, and all the other flat surfaces that get dusty easily.

Aside from that, don’t forget to wipe also those objects that are usually overlooked such as doorknobs, lamp shades/light fixtures, appliances, and other odd shaped objects. Dry dusting is the most recommended way but you may also use a damp cloth to wipe stubborn dirt from surfaces.

Vacuum Upholstery and Carpets

All that dust could land not only on furniture and appliances but also on your carpet and upholstery which are a lot harder to clean up that those regular flat surfaces. Shaking the dust off is just not enough to clean all those fibres. You’ll need a professional cleaning service to vacuum and wash those dusty carpets and upholstery thoroughly. For quality builders cleaning Melbourne has one of the best professional cleaning companies that are worth hiring.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

If the construction project took place outside – such as a home extension or a new building – you still need to clean all those dust that settled on surfaces such as the exterior walls of your home and the walkways around your home. However, you don’t wipe them down manually. Instead, perform a pressure wash on these surfaces.

Pressure washing uses pressurized water from a hose to wash out all those settled dust thoroughly even from hard to reach cracks and crevices. This will make your home’s exterior looking bright and fresh again after deep washing; making it look more welcoming and inviting to your guests and even to people just passing by.

Post-construction cleaning is a long and thorough process that needs much time and patience. There are plenty of areas that you need to clean in order to make your home ready for use. Instead of going through this process by yourself, hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service will definitely make your life easier.

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