A Reminder about Property and Punitive Damages in Car Accident Compensation.

Automobile accident almost always happen unexpectedly and without warning. To add to the fire, they happen when you can least afford it too. The period that follows after a major car accident is often very uncertain, scary, confusing and frustrating; It can be a whole bag of emotions and a half. During that turbulent time, one thing that is always at the back of the victim’s and his or her family’s mind is “What kind of a compensation can I receive to alleviate the financial burdens?”. Because let’s be honest, hospital bills and loss of income is a destructive combinations and lot of victims struggle. If the fault is not your own, then there should be nothing stopping you from seeking compensation.

Usually, there a certain threshold that is met before you can seek financial compensation. This is to reduce the number of lawsuits that will happen on a daily basis. This threshold is for serios injuries. Some of them are bone fractures, permanent damage to organs or being permanently disabled, permanent limited use of limbs or other parts of the body and disabilities that last more than 90 days. These are just the physical effects of coming out of an accident. What about the mental effects? The trauma of driving again, anxiousness, mood chances and nightmares and paranoia.

These effects combine can cause a very heavy financial burden on the victims and their families as mentioned earlier. Therefore, it is very important that victims seek compensation from the guilty party. To know the kind of options that are available to you when it comes to accident compensation you should head over to car accident lawyers Melbourne and have a read.

Compensation for Property Damages

Car accidents can range anywhere from a scratch to devastating damage, but they are built to protect the drivers and passengers of the vehicle. In case of severe accidents, the car will take much of the damage but these life preserving features of the car costs money. Regardless, accidents can severely hurt the vehicle’s market value as well. That is assuming the car is not totally wrecked.

There are other hidden costs that take effect immediately after an accident. We are talking about things such as towing costs, mileage costs for traveling for repairs and medical issues, even parking fees and rental car expense. These all things that you will have to pay by yourself, but when seeking damages, you can present these records so that everything is covered.

Punitive damages

In addition to property damages, medical bills and lost wages, the judge may decide to rule that the defendant must pay punitive damages. This is considering the nature of the action and at-fault driver’s situation (i.e., Did they act out of gross negligence? Were they drunk?). Punitive damages are rare in the case of regular accidents, but it is important for you to know that it is also a possibility.

It is highly recommended that you seek professional help from a lawyer as we mentioned before. Legal matters can be very bureaucratic and confusing. But in any case, the welfare of yourself and your family comes first when the fault is not at all yours.

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