A Look at The Disciplines of Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour in a scientific way. A very wrong conception among many people is that reaching out to a general psychologist for a regular session would give others the impression that you in some sought of mental illness.

Honestly, every scenario in each person’s life is different, general psychologists focus on both healthy and also individuals who require help with their mental issues. Because the primary role of a psychologist is to study the psychological functions and the mental behaviours of individuals.

When exploring deep into this vast subject, it will uncover various types of psychology.

Abnormal Psychology

As the name suggests this has been dedicated to patients who are displaying abnormal lines of thinking or behaviour. The most renowned mental illnesses related to abnormal psychology are schizophrenia and bulimia. Here the main task of the psychologist would be to identify the root cause if it is from birth through some experiences

Behavioural Psychology

The key difference between this and abnormal psychology is that, in behavioural psychology, the focus of the study is only on the connection between the mind and the subsequent behaviour. These studies help a psychologist to better predict how people would behave in certain situations in life.

Clinical Psychology

This relates to treating patients requiring comprehensive healthcare needs. Therefore, they have the primary responsibility of making a diagnosis of a patient’s health condition and forming plans to deal with its symptoms. They usually interact with them through interviews, observations and various tests thereby, after some time with the patient, they will be able to pry into their experiences and emotions thus providing insights into their illness.

Cognitive Psychology

These psychologists study the thought process of humans, for example, how they obtain, process and store information in their brains. Their primary areas of study are memory, learning and perception. This may be very important if you find that forgetting or a very poor memory has become some very common issue in your life. This may become common with a persons’ age. However, if you see this in your children, it is time for you to book with a psychologist in Melbourne and get advice.

Counselling psychology

These types of psychologists are seen very much in many places such as educational institutes and vocational training institutes because they deal with stressful moments in life. They listen to your problems while giving you advice on how to overcome them.

Health psychology

Why do people get sick? This is the main question to which these types of psychologists are thriving to answer. Such patients range from genetic disorders all the way to abuse issues, which could be due to certain experiences in life or even born with it.

Some other disciplines in psychology are Forensic psychology, experimental psychology and educational psychology all these have a different focus and importance in the study.This is actually too large a subject to contain, therefore only a few of these disciplines of psychology have been

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