A Few Ideas to Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

One of the main problems for parents these days is their kid’s screen time. It has become nearly impossible to pull kids away from smartphones and other devices. They have got attached to these devices, and it’s now a hard task to keep them away.

On top of all, when parents become busy, they hardly allocate time for kids. They find it easier to let the child play mobile games so that they’ll have peace of mind. Even though this is easy to do, we don’t think it’s recommended. You have to make sure that your kid’s screen time is under control.

Here are some ways that might help you.

Allow them to help you

Kids have a lot of free time, and they’re jobless, so it’s obvious that they tend to find ways to keep themselves entertained. When they try to keep themselves busy, they often select mobile games, and this is why you should offer them solutions.

If you allow your kids to help you, maybe they’ll not have a lot of free time. Thus, their screen time could be taken down to an extent. So, when you’re cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, make sure to ask your kid to join you. This will make them understand these activities while reducing their screen time.

If you allow them to help you, it’ll benefit you in two ways. You can reduce their screen time while teaching them good habits.

Have a game box

This is another best method to keep your child occupied without involving tech. Some of the things that you can consider are playing cards, colouring books and educational puzzles.  

What you can do is create a box. Then, fill the box with the things that we mentioned above. You can go beyond these suggestions if you want.

But make sure to keep the items that you include as things that your kid can play alone. So, when you feel like you’ve to keep the kid busy, make sure to give them the box you created. This will offer them a few choices to explore and try.

This means you can keep them away from using the mobile phone or PC.

Motivate them to become creative

If you want your child to stay away from the devices, the best you can do is motivate them to become creative.

There are different ways to motivate them. Maybe you can ask them to narrate a story, or you can give them paper and crayons to draw their own story.

The latter suggestion often works because they’d love to picture and colour what’s in their minds. Give them an hour or two to create the story.

After that, you can come back and check their completed story. First off, make sure to appreciate their effort. Second off, ask questions and talk to them about what they’ve created. Allow them to become expressive so you can get to know what they’re thinking and what they’ve tried to say.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to reduce their screen time.

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