7 Tips to Plan an Unforgettable Party on Your Baby’s First Birthday

When you have survived the first year of parenthood and your little one is one, then it’s time to make a shout and celebrate for all the hard work you have made through. These tips will help you to plan the day well ahead and make sure it ends in joy and not in a disaster. Let’s get started,

Have a limited guest list

Even though a huge party can sound amazing and fun, keeping the first party small and simple would be practically a better idea. Specially if you do not have much space, or your baby isn’t so comfortable with noise and large groups of people, you may want to consider a limited guest list, with your closest friends, relatives and neighbours.

Plan around earlier in the day

The most convenient times for adults may not be ideal times for kids. Therefore, planning the party around the nap time would be generally a good idea if you are planning to invite guests having infants or toddlers.

It might not be possible to plan it to fit into everyone’s nap schedules but having the party earlier would be better in any way for most kids. Having the party in the late evening could mean running late and the birthday girl or boy would tire out very quickly. So, considering a brunch, simple snack or an afternoon bash for an hour or two long would be ideal.

Don’t plan it right after your baby’s doctor visits

If you pick the weekend right after your baby has had a doctor appointment or one-year inoculations, there is a high chance your baby can be extra cranky. Having a party at that time would be stressful for the little one and you may consider having it before such a visit or a week later. Wait for some time before you plan the party and make sure your guest of honour is in a good mood. Then plan when and how to hold a first birthday party for your little birthday girl or boy.

Keep all ages entertained

If the party invitees are for a bunch of little ones of different ages, make sure there are things everyone can have fun with. You can start with bubble chase as no matter what their age is, are always captivated by bubbles. You can set up bubble machine or get the older kids to blow out bubbles. A wagon ride, toddler obstacle race and ball games would suit your little guests. You can even consider setting up an adult free zone to keep the younger kids occupied so the adults can have some playtime for themselves.

Taking pictures well ahead

After all, photographs are what remains as the best proof of memorable events. Once your guests start arriving, you will get busy hosting and the baby will be overwhelmed in the commotion and hustle that you will have no time for a good photo. So, make sure you take a memorable keepsake photo with the birthday girl or boy before the happy chaos begins and the decorations and setup are still in order.

Follow these tips and do not get obsessed or overspend trying to make the party stand out. After all your main goal on your baby first birthday bash, the one that truly matters would be have fun with your loves ones and remember the looks on your baby’s face on their special day and be happy over your effort in raising that small bundle of joy.

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