5 Reasons Why Cats Are the Perfect Pets

Pets are beloved animals people like to keep as companions throughout their lives. Finding the right pet for you is key to enjoying your life is choosing the right pet for you to spend time with. Cats and dogs are amongst the most popular pets in the world.

There have been many debates on how either a cat is better than a dog or a dog is way better to have than a cat. If you happen to lean more towards a pet dog, do not go anywhere. You should also look at the many benefits of having a cat and how they could actually be the perfect pet for you:

1.      Quiet

If you happen to live in the hustle and bustle of city life, I am sure you would like to return to a serene and peaceful home. Opting to have a feline friend residing at your home will ensure this. The loudest meow is quite low in sound frequency compared to a bark of a dog. You also have to look at the breed of cats to be sure, as there are some cats that are less loud compared to others. If a peaceful pet is what you are looking for, this is the way to go.

2.      Less Maintenance

Cats are also reputed to be low maintenance in comparison to the well-known dogs. For instance, a cat does not need to be taken for a walk daily, they do not require any intensive training and are able to carry out self-cleaning procedures. However, keep in mind that cats with longer hair would need some grooming, but less frequently compared to a dog.

3.      Easier to Train

Unlike puppy dogs, kittens can be house-trained quite easily. They generally can figure out where the litter box is located once you bring them to the house. The owner just has to guide them to where it is and then they usually know what has to be done. Ensure that you buy the best cat litter boxes online for your pet and make house-training a total breeze.

4.      Independence

One of the most attractive features of a cat is their ability to be an independent animal. Dogs on the other had need constant attention which takes a lot of energy from the people who own them. Cats like to be by themselves and enjoy their own company without too much of a fuss.

If you are worried about keeping your cat isolated at home while you work, be concerned no more! Cats actually sleep for around fifteen hours a day; they could wake up just in time for you to be home. They are good companions that like to enjoy your presence instead of demanding for attention 24/7.

5.      Longevity

Ever heard the term “cats have 9 lives”? Well, this due to the fact that cats actually have a long lifespan. People who have pets often experience the weight and heaviness of heartbreak when they have lost their pets too soon. The usual life expectancy of a cat is around twelve years, but don’t be surprised if your cat can live up to 19 years or even up to 25 years!

Are you convinced yet? Get yourself a pet cat, you are not going to regret it!

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