5 Important Bread Making Tools Every Home Baker Needs

Making bread is relatively easy at least that’s what the recipe might say. But it is only if you have tried that you know it takes a lot of trial and error. Many factors go into baking the best loaf of bread and it has a lot to do with the process rather than the ingredients.

Different home bakers will have various tried and tested recipes they stand by and it varies between them. Heat, quality of ingredients and temperature play a role in how well your loaf of bread turns out. However even if we cannot guarantee how well the ingredients is, we can still give you 5 important tools that help create the perfect loaf.

A scale

This sounds like a real no brainer but believe us it’s very important. Especially when baking bread, the exact measurement of ingredients is vital in order for it to rise properly. We recommend a digital scale so that every gram can be accounted for. This helps in ensuring that exact quantity is being weighed.

Mixing Bowls or baskets

Your bread should not just taste great they should look great too. The type of bread you are trying to bake depends on the basket you use. For different styles of bread try out some banneton baskets.

They come in different sizes and shapes all of which will satisfy your bread making needs. The first few uses will be good due to the bowel itself being new however over time the non-stick can get burnt or worn off in that case you will need to line the basket over time. However, they are made for long-term use but should be used with care.

A bowl scrapper

Not many home bakers are going to have this but it really does help. This is a stainless-steel knife-like scrapper that helps peel the dough off the counter top of mixing bowls. It makes sure that the dough can be peeled off without damaging it or breaking. The scrapper is non-stick so you will not find the dough sticking to it no matter how gooey it is. It can also be used as a dough cutter and ensures neatness and convenience when preparing the dough.

Oven timer and thermometer

Unlike baking desserts or cakes where the heat of the oven can differ from the recipe, bread is a slightly fussier. In order for the yeast to react and to ensure a proper rising of the bread an accurate oven temperature is a must.

Most ovens these days come with an inbuilt thermometer but if not be sure to get one beforehand. This will help you gauge the right temperature so the oven is not too little or too hot. A timer will also be of use so you know just when to take the bakes bread out

Cooling rack

As the name suggests this is ideal to let your baked goodies cool off nicely with the right air circulation.

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