5 Cleaning Tips for A Squeaky-Clean Home

House cleaning is a frustrating chore that is procrastinated for as long as possible, unless of course you are clean freak like Monica from Friends. However, the question is what makes it such a tiresome task?

Is it the endless amount of dishes that for some reason never end, or is it the piles of laundry that never seem to get folded. Or maybe it is the layers of dust that can never be gotten rid of regardless of the continuous vacuuming. Whichever one it is that makes you want to tear your hair out, here are 5 tips that you could adopt to lessen the work overload.

Make a list

While this does seem too simple to be true, listing out what exactly you are supposed to achieve applies focus to the job ahead. Instead of haphazardly cleaning a list narrows down chores by priority and can be spaced out according to importance. Vacuuming for carpets for a party on Saturday may not be as important as doing laundry for the week on Monday.

A task a day

The thought of coming home after work just to do house chores can seem bleaker than how your day went. However here us out! Since household chores are a combination of very small tasks collectively building up, try starting with small chores first, the tiny ones that you can do without breaking a sweat.

If it’s dusting furniture, or folding all the piled-up laundry, play some music while you are at it so it does not seem so mundane after all. Breaking down the tasks reduces the effort and your house can be kept neater for longer.

Clear out the clutter

Do you really need the six bowls and five cups if it is just two of you living? When it comes to washing crockery and cutlery, most of the time is it clutter that makes it never ending. Store away items you do not use on the regular and minimize usage. Pack up those over flowing drawers and clear out the mess. With fewer things to clean, your chores are now reduced too.

Get professional help

If you really aren’t the cleaning type, getting the house cleaned by professionals is the solution. There isa number of cleaning companies that specialize in house cleaning in Ballarat and other cities.

They are safe, efficient and effective. The wide variety of packages focus on different chores and finding one to fit your criteria is easy. Professional cleaning is ideal as it covers areas of the house you may have limited access to and through this you aren’t left in a mess you cannot handles.

Invest in storage boxes

Nothing works better than storage boxes to de-clutter the mess. These boxes are not only versatile but can be used for just about anything for long periods of time. It makes the space look neat and can be categorized for different purposes. They are cheap and can be found in various designs and patterns to suit your need.

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