4 Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet Lizard

A rather popular choice for a pet is the lizard. The reptile is known to be a household beloved mostly for those that don’t enjoy regular walks to the park and outdoor activities. If you have decided that the pet lizard is an ideal choice for you and your home keep on reading.

Lizards like every other pet have to be kept in a specific environment and need to be looked after in a particular way if it is going to thrive in your home. The last thing you want inside your house is an unhappy lizard. Now let me show you 4 easy tips on how you can take care of your fascinating pet:

1.      Alternate the Water

Water should be changed up on a regular basis. Also note that there a variety of lizard species that require different types of water dishes. For example, certain lizards thrive in a smaller bowl and other lizards could need a system known as drip water. Change the water on a daily basis to ensure the highest form of cleanliness. Make sure you consult your vet on which option will best suit your slimy friend.

2.      Mist Away

You have to keep it in your mind that misting is of the highest vitality. This of course, is dependent on the type of lizard friend you have chosen as your pet. In a general sense, a lizard should be misted around once a day.

The reason mist is needed is to create the level of humidity some lizards in particular are in desperate need for. For example, if you have opted to go with an iguana misting is a definite requirement. If you decide to go with the infamous bearded dragon lizard then misting does not have to be in your vocabulary or part of your daily routine.

3.      The Right Food

You’ll definitely be opting for some live lizard food that your pet will surely love. If you didn’t already know, majority of lizards eat live insects. Crickets, roaches, wax-worms and meal worms are amongst the most popular live foods that reptiles like to eat.

If you don’t want your lizard to reach death early then make sure to cut off the head of any wax-worms that you may be feeding your pet. Otherwise, the worm could literally chewits way outside of your pet! On the other hand, other lizards are good with a few vegetables and fruits.

4.      Create the Right Temperature

Majority of pet reptiles will require a heat lamp to remain within the correct temperature. But various heat lamps release a different amount of heat into the pet cage. You need to choose the one that is the best option for your lizard.

Consult your local pet store or vet on which heat range the lamp should be set up towards. Additionally, cooling is equally as important. Lizards need a cool area of the cage in one end and other end should be sweltering hot.

Keep your pet reptile happy and healthy by following these basic tips.

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