3 Tips to Give A Special Gift to Someone

Gifting is a special and heartfelt act. However, we all have that one special person to whom we like to make a gift extra special. This can be you wanting to give them something that they will not forget or something that will distinguish from all the other gifts the recipient received.

Doing this certainly takes few steps and beforehand preparation. So, if you’re not too close to the day where you need to or looking forward to gift, then these three tips can help you out.

Know what the person you’re gifting to likes

Knowing the person, you want to gift takes time and a lot of observation. So, if you got time to get to know the person or observe them, use them wisely. Try to listen and understand what the person talks about often or gets passionate about. This can be anything from their favourite coffee, books or even places they like to visit often. This can prevent you from gifting a person who loves meat with a vegetarian gift card.

You can also try to ask questions about what you think or assume they may like, casually. Try to engage them in conversations that allow them to share their likes and dislikes. Doing this calls for little tricks and hacks to get the recipient into such a conversation without making it obvious that you’re trying to study them

However, when you have a good grip on what they could possibly like then choosing a gift is an absolute breeze.

Include a card with the gift

One common thing many forget or rather overlook when gifting is to include a card. Now a card doesn’t mean you take a piece of paper from a notebook and write your name on it. You can get statement pieces like luxurious Italian stationery that can add an extra special touch to your gift.

This card shouldn’t just include your name but try to include a special note.  Now a special note can be anything from a very basic “congratulation”, “happy holidays” or “happy birthday” to a more heartfelt personalized message. Tape the card into the gift or enclose it inside, depending on the size.

As you can see adding a special touch to gift something memorable, firstly takes a little study about the person you’re gifting to. Once you have done this correct the rest usually falls into place. 

Go for consumable gifts

When we talk about memorable gifts it’s one thing to prefer gifting something long lasting. This includes something that the recipient can use repeatedly and appreciate for a long time. Such gifts are usually given as personalized ones which adds a more personal connection between you and the gift recipient.

However, if you don’t have much time to get a personalized gift then go for a consumable gift. This is ideal if you don’t know the person just well enough at the moment to create a personalized gift.

So, if you observe or study the person well as in the first tip, you can surely get them a perfect consumable gift. Consumable gift is anything that they can use, such as a crafted beer, specialized candies, premium chocolates, high-quality tea/tea ware or even a vacation package. Most high-end stores have a specialized section for consumable gifts like so.

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